Common Issues Addressed by Family Law:

Family Law AttorneyFamily law addresses a number of issues. These issues include child supportspousal supportchild custodyand property division among other issues.

These are serious matters which cannot be avoided in cases of divorce.

Child support is normally a hot issue. During the divorce process, it has to be determined how the parents of a child will financially support a child. There are many expenses that a parent must be able to adequately provide for including food, clothing, and medical expenses. Often times when a family splits up, the situation can be quite difficult, and it is imperitive that you consult with an experienced family law attorney.

Spousal support can also become an issue during divorce. This will be the case when one spouse does not have the income to support himself/herself after the divorce process. A court will use different ways to determine if a particular spouse is eligible for spousal support. A Plaintiff will have to provide reasonable claims and evidence to suggest their need for support, while the Defense will be fighting hard to refute those claims and evidence to prevent a spouse from paying any unjust enrichments.

Property division is normally an area of contention during divorce. Dividing the property between the two spouses is also not advised or recommended without consulting an attorney to discuss your rights and options. If there is any kind of offer or deal on the table to split anything up, you need to make sure you’re investments and property are being protected or provided for.

Property is usually divided according to the contribution of each spouse to the acquisition of the property. The spouse who played a big role in the acquisition of shared property will get a big share of property. If a wife did not contribute money to acquire property but she looked after the house and children as her husband was doing business while she offered her moral support, she is entitled to a share of the property. Property that was acquired before the two parties who are divorcing met should not be divided.

Child custody is also a very important factor to consider. Ideally, both parents need to be in a child’s life. It is possible for spouses to mediate the terms of the custody arrangement without hiring an attorney, but often times there are situations and circumstances that will require one. When it comes to the well being children, having an attorney to help represent the best interests of the children will help ensure that your children will not face any undue harm while it also helps better protect your rights as a parent.

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