Defending criminal charges and what to expect

Family Law AttorneyFor people who have been charged with a criminal offense, they know how difficult and stressful the experience can be. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, your record and reputation can be severely damaged. Depending on the charge and type of conviction, you could face huge fines and even stiff jail time. It can also result in losing a job or having problems getting a job.

Because the criminal justice system is such a difficult system to understand, if you are facing a criminal charge whether it is a DUI, assault, theft, or a crime that can result in a really long prison sentence, it is beneficial to hire a criminal lawyer because this type of lawyer has the experience and expertise to fight a criminal charge.

At Fernandez Law Group, our Tampa criminal law attorneys regularly practice criminal law and have a great deal of experience in representing our client’s needs and protecting their rights extremely well. We understand how the legal process works, the nature of the various criminal charges, and how best to defend our clients, whether it is negotiating a plea or taking the case to trial.

When our attorneys represent a person charged with an offense, we fight to protect our client’s rights and work to achieve a fair outcome. In many cases, our attorneys have discovered evidence that lead to reduced fines, shorter sentences, and having charges dismissed. Is your attorney working for you or working with the prosecutor?

When our criminal attorneys represent a client, we will be involved in all aspects of preparing the case. As a general guideline, any criminal defense attorney should directly interview witnesses and police, review the police officers evidence, collect and organize evidence, consult with expert witnesses, file the proper motions, communicate with the prosecutor, identify any issues that can help the client, research outcomes of similar cases, and represent the client at trial. During the process, we keep our clients completely informed of their options and possible outcomes and put the case together in a way that is designed to get you the best possible outcome. In addition, you will be advised of the risks and benefits of going to trial.

Criminal lawyers play an important part in ensuring the criminal justice system remains fair and just. They make sure their clients’ rights remain protected. At Fernandez Law Group, our Tampa criminal defense attorneys have a lot of trial experience and are able to work effectively with prosecutors and judges to provide you the best defense possible.

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