Attorney Jeff Quisenberry

Fernandez Law Group, Tampa Florida

Jeff Quisenberry is a Florida Criminal Defense and Civil Trial attorney with over 20 years of state and federal experience. He has tried over 100 jury trials including over 15 homicide cases and over 50 sexually based crimes.

Mr. Quisenberry has represented numerous clients with complex fraud and embezzlement cases. These cases can be difficult and require the expertise that only a former prosecutor can bring to his client’s defense.

Additionally, he has argued over 500 legal motions before the court, particularly in the area of search and seizure and confession issues. During his career as a trial attorney, Mr. Quisenberry cross examined over 75 expert witnesses and deposed hundreds of witnesses.

Mr. Quisenberry spent half of his career as prosecutor for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit before moving into private practice. This experience is particularly important in his representation of Criminal clients because he has inside knowledge of how the state will likely build its case. Likewise, he understands what negotiating tactics are pertinent to get charges dropped or otherwise resolved without a conviction on his client’s record. If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact Jeff Quisenberry today. The earlier you retain a defense attorney, the greater likelihood of resolving the case in your favor.

As a Civil Attorney, Mr. Quisenberry handles complex cases involving Personal Injury, Contract Disputes, Divorce, and other civil matters. Mr. Quisenberry is well familiar with all aspects of medical testimony regarding serious injury and death including: brain trauma, various neurological problems resulting from injury, organ damage, and soft tissue injuries. Mr. Quisenberry brings his background in criminal practice to advocate for justice for his civil clients. Although Mr. Quisenberry endeavors to resolve civil cases through negotiation, his extensive trial background allows him greater leverage to achieve the best possible result for his clients. If you have been wrongfully injured, Mr. Quisenberry will work tirelessly to bring justice to you.

Mr. Quisenberry taught legal seminars at the Police and Fire Academies and advised detectives in six jurisdictional agencies regarding sexually based crimes. Additionally, he taught other prosecutors how to investigate and litigate sexual offenses including child pornography, Internet based offenses, lewd and lascivious molestation, and sexual battery.

Mr. Quisenberry will bring experience, dedication and aggressiveness to your case. Contact the Fernandez Law Group, P.A. today to schedule your free consultation.

Call us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation.


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