Boating Accidents involving Personal Injury and what to expect:

Florida is surrounded by the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines, home to the Everglades and the Keys, and where people constantly use the state’s waterways for fishing and boating.

As the number of people on the water increases, so do the accidents.

As a result, our Tampa personal injury attorneys have experience in achieving solid results with boating accident cases that involve personal injury or property damage.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an boating accident due to the negligence of somebody else, do not try to handle a claim on your own or risk using an inexperienced lawyer.

Not all personal injury attorneys have our commitment to achieving full justice for their clients, nor do they have our trial experience and proven skills.

If you were injured in a boating accident, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys have a combined legal experience of over 40 years in handling all types of personal injury cases, and a large portion of our work involves boating accidents. Propeller accidents, boats capsizing and colliding with other objects, people and vessels are the most common types of cases we’ve seen but we’ve handled them all.

We put not one, but multiple attorneys on your case in order to give it the extra attention it deserves. Not only that, but we’re also fewer than 10% of Florida attorneys who are also authorized to practice in federal courts. Let us put our experiences and resources to work for you today, and you can expect to get the results you deserve.

Our attorneys are very experienced and fully prepared to litigate aggressively on your behalf. There are no up front fees or costs unless we win and our consultations are always free. And we make it very easy to reach us – by phone, email, our quick contact form, and even live chat right here on the website. And if you’re still unsure, have a look at some of the reviews we receive.

Let’s take a look at some statistics involving boating accidents in Florida:

no boatingAccording to reports filed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for 2012 in Florida, there were over 870,000 registered recreational vessels in the water.

There were 704 reportable accidents during that same time period, which resulted in 55 fatalities and 386 injuries.

Property damage from boating accidents in Florida exceeded over $8 million dollars for the year 2012 as well.

The primary type of boating accidents in Florida for 2012 were as follows:

  • 160 collisions occurred with another vessel
  • 148 collisions occurred with a fixed object
  • 106 cases of a boat becoming flooded or swamped
  • 48 incidents where a passenger went overboard
  • 34 accidents involving a boat getting grounded
  • 34 accidents involving a slip or fall on a boat
  • 24 accidents occurred from boats capsizing
  • 23 accidents occurred due to the wake of another boat
  • 22 accidents occurred as a result of boats striking objects underwater

Other types of boating accidents in Florida for 2012 included explosions with fuel (15), non-fuel explosions (16), striking an object or a person (9), skier mishaps and falls (8), getting struck by a skeg or prop (8), starting the engine (4), skier hit by object (3), and sinking (1).

Many of these accidents also included a secondary type of accident that occurred simultaneously or as a result of the initial accident.

Common types of secondary accidents as a result of a primary accident in Florida for 2012:

  • 90 incidents of capsizing
  • 69 falls overboard
  • 42 falls inside the boat
  • 35 people struck by another boat
  • 22 boats collided with a fixed object
  • 16 people were struck by a skeg or prop
  • 16 boats were grounded
  • 16 boats sunk
  • 15 boats flooded or got swamped

Of course, collisions with other vessels (8), collisions with floating objects and people (7), vessel wake damage (4), fire explosions involving fuel (4), starting the engine (1) and striking underwater objects (1) also occurred in secondary accidents for the year 2012 in Florida.

The most common type of boat involved in the majority of accidents were open motorboats or cabin motorboats with propellers, which account for approximately 65% of accidents. Personal watercraft also accounted for about 15% of boating accidents.

How does negligence come in to play with boating accidents?

If we take a look at the statistics even further, we can determine that the primary causes for boating accidents that were discovered by the proper reviewing authorities were for the most part all due to the negligence of another person.

Different types of negligence that results in boating accidents:

  • no boatingNot maintaining proper look-out
  • Being careless or inattentive
  • Operator inexperience
  • Inattention
  • Excessive speed
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Improper anchoring
  • Operating in overly congested waters
  • Poor behavior by occupants and skiers
  • Violations of navigation rules
  • Overloading
  • Lack of proper lights

Incidentally, it should be noted that out of all boating accidents in Florida for 2012, 61% of those were caused by experienced operators who all had over 100 hours of experience. 87% were male, and the 51+ years or older range accounted for the highest totals at 39%.

Primary causes of death were drowning (62%) and trauma (31%).

Tampa Attorney Spotlight – Frank G. Fernandez:

Frank Fernandez, Tampa AttorneyFrank Fernandez is known for his dedication to his clients and their causes that has earned him a reputation of meeting or exceeding their expectations in many different types of personal injury cases over the years.

Mr. Fernandez has appeared on behalf of his clients in Federal and State courts throughout the State of Florida. He is proud to have developed his practice primarily through the referrals of former clients and professional colleagues.

Contact Tampa Attorney Frank Fernandez at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation.

How can I expect the claims for my personal injury due to a boating accident to be handled?

life preserverOur attorneys are ready to work extremely hard on your behalf and have no issue devoting a great deal of effort and resources on your behalf because we accept only serious, legitimate cases. Our clients find great peace of mind in our experience and commitment to go far as necessary to make a substantial and meaningful difference in the lives of injured citizens.

After negligence is proved in my injury claim, what kind of damages can I expect?

Here in Florida, and particularly in the cases our law firm has handled over the years here in Hillsborough County, most boating accidents which result in a personal injury have resulted in our clients receiving several different types of recoverable damages, including the following:

  • Past and future physical pain and/or mental anguish and suffering compensation
  • Past and future disfigurement compensation
  • Past and future physical impairment compensation
  • Recovery for lost wages, or loss of future earning capacity
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Punitive damages (in some cases)

While the above list is a general idea of what you can expect when settlement is reached, each case is very unique and results may vary. Our experience and dedication to your case will ensure we work aggressively on your behalf to get you the very best possible outcome for your situation.

Will I be going to court, or is there a chance we can settle out of court?

conference roomOur clients have the right to decide if and when to settle a case or to proceed to trial. We meet with our clients individually to discuss their options and how to proceed in their best interest. Some insurance companies routinely refuse to make a reasonable offer to any lawyer, leaving no other option but to proceed to trial. It is important to have an experienced trial attorney who is able to provide competent representation in court to obtain a favorable verdict.

Our firm has more than 40 years of combined legal experience. We have a former prosecutor on board as well, and we are also fewer than 10% of Florida attorneys who are authorized to practice in Federal court. When you choose Fernandez Law Group to represent your legal needs, whatever the situation, we put multiple attorneys on your case and thoroughly evaluate every single remedy available to you at no extra expense.

Our personal injury attorneys and dedicated support staff will focus on your needs while providing superior, effective, and vigorous representation of your interests. We are paid for our legal services only if we obtain a recovery on your behalf, and we will come to your home or to the hospital for your convenience.

What should you do if you’re in an boating accident involving personal injury?

1. Contact a Lawyer: If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, do not try to handle a claim on your own or risk using an inexperienced lawyer. The Fernandez Law Group promises to give every client the best legal representation and obtain the maximum compensation each client deserves. No matter how hard the fight. By phone or online, contact Fernandez Law Group to discuss your situation and the possibility of bringing legal action against those who are responsible for your injuries.

2. Keep Everything: Get a large envelope or file folder and begin keeping, in one place, everything that is potentially related to your accident or case. Save photographs of the accident or scene, photographs of the injured party before and after the accident, letters, bills, receipts, cancelled checks, insurance policies, police reports, notes, and other documents that might be helpful in proving how the accident happened and, just as importantly, the nature and extent of your injuries.

3. Record Questions: Get a large notebook pad and begin writing down the questions you want to ask your lawyer the next time you meet with him or her. Also write down any additional facts you have forgotten to include in previous interviews.

4. Begin your Diary: As time passes memories become blurred. Sit down now and write a brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Add a brief summary of the important events that have occurred since the accident.

5. List Witnesses: Every time an important event occurs that is witnessed by someone else, make a note of that person’s name, address, and phone number. Also, keep a list of the employees or supervisors at work who can testify as to the amount of your earning loss. If you learn of the existence of any witness to the accident, advise your attorney immediately.

The documents, notes, and lists that you collect above will be exceedingly helpful to your attorney as he or she begins to represent you and advocate on your behalf. As your case progresses toward settlement, mediation, or trial, your attorney will work with you on additional tasks and preparation.

What NOT to do after an accident involving personal injury:

DO NOT give a written or oral statement to any person who contacts you about the accident or your case. Instead, refer them to your attorney (or advise them that you are currently obtaining one) then let your attorney know the name, address, and phone number of the person who contacted you.

DO NOT throw anything away.

DO NOT get discouraged. We are here to help.

The Tampa personal injury attorneys of Fernandez Law Group devote a great deal of our civil practice to complex cases pertaining to boating accidents involving personal injury.

After years of representing hundreds of clients all over the State of Florida, our firm has established a solid reputation of seeking justice for injured persons. We are committed to providing our clients with the best legal representation available.

Martindale Hubbell peers and judges have rated us as having the highest levels of legal ability and professional ethics. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys are supported by a superior staff of Legal Assistants.

If you or a loved one has a question about a potential personal injury case or if you’re in need of a personal injury attorney in Tampa, we hope that you will contact our office for a free consultation.

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