The Differences between Civil Law & Criminal Law

Over the years, many people have asked us the following question –

What the difference is between Criminal Law and Civil Law?

In this section, we’re going to provide you with some information and examples in order to help you learn more about the differences in these two types of law.

We will also discuss what makes them unique from one another.

Criminal Law:

Many people already have a good understanding of what constitutes a criminal law situation. First and foremost, the act of a crime is typically committed, or a law has been broken. Primarily, these crimes are committed against other people.

Family Law AttorneyThere are nearly 50 different chapters with types of crimes in Florida outlined in the 2012 Florida Statutes. Typical criminal acts or crimes committed against others would include murder, assault, robbery, or rape. These are all acts of physical violence against someone else.

But Criminal Law also includes types of theftburglary, shoplifting, smuggling, or larceny. Other protections afforded to the general public under the blanket of Criminal Law prohibit the use and sale of illegal drugs, as well as driving under the influence and other similar crimes. In Criminal Law, there are penalties for every offense, typically resulting in fines and jail time.

The severity of the crime often determines whether or not a person accused of a crime is charged with a misdemeanor or felony. If you are formally accused of a crime, you become liable not just to the victim of the crime, but also to the entire state.

Hillsborough County CourthouseWhen you’re charged with crimes, and it’s legally been proven that you have in fact committed the alleged crimes and violations by the court, then it is very likely that some type of sentence will be handed down upon you. This does not necessarily mean you will be receiving jail time. Depending on the circumstances, a simple fine may even be sufficient. Some cases will require supervision or having to report to a parole officer. Other situations may require some type of community service. And in severe cases, the sentencing might require a combination of several different requirements.

Here in Florida, the Criminal Defense Attorneys at Fernandez Law Group are happy to guide, support, and help assist the accused in court proceedings. We are here to protect you and ensure that you receive a fair trial.

Civil Law:

The most significant difference between Civil Law and Criminal Law is that Civil Law deals with the adhering to and enforcing of a contract, whether it is oral or written. And in Civil Law, a crime doesn’t necessarily have to have been committed.

Under the guidelines established by Civil Law, a person who fails to adhere to an agreement or a person who tries to wrongfully claim damages would both be in a position to be held accountable.

Studying PaperworkCivil Law cases often require a significant amount of additional work on the part of the attorney, as data and evidence needs to be collected from multiple sources, interpreted, checked and confirmed. Other additional and extended research is also typically required in civil cases.

Many of the civil law cases in Florida involve a person having a problem with a larger organization. The person seeking compensation usually becomes the Plaintiff and whoever they are seeking damages from would become the Defendant. Under the law, if a Defendant is found guilty, they would legally be required to provide the Plaintiff with whatever damages are awarded by order of the court. It could be compensation for wrongdoing, medical expenses, retroactive pay, and more.

Civil cases can be difficult to prove and require hard working attorneys to deliver good results. Going to court against corporate funded legal defenses can be intimidating for some people. The attorneys at Fernandez Law Group are here to provide you with strong legal representation and work hard to guide you through your case.

Federal Courthouse, TampaThere are several other types of civil law cases that are common in Florida as well as the rest of the United States. Family Law and domestic matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, and alimony are all Civil Law cases.

Bankruptcy or issues with taxes including delinquency also fall under the blanket of Civil Law. And injuries in the workplace involving worker’s compensation are also all part of Civil Law.

Whether you need a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa or a good Criminal Law Attorney or a Family Law Attorney in Florida, Fernandez Law Group has plenty of experience in all facets of law and can confidently handle any and all of your legal needs.

Fernandez Law Group Attorneys and AssociatesIf you’re charged with an offense, our attorneys fight to protect your rights and work hard to achieve a fair outcome. If you need to become a Plaintiff against a corporation in a Civil Law case, our attorneys are prepared to take whatever steps are necessary in fighting for your rights.

We keep our clients completely informed of all of their options and any possible outcomes.

We put the case together in a way that is designed to get you the best possible outcome.

In addition, you will be advised of the risks and benefits of going to trial.

Criminal lawyers play an important part in ensuring the criminal justice system remains fair and just. And Civil lawyers help protect your interests when a contract has been violated. Whether Criminal or Civil, Fernandez Law Group has the skills and experience necessary to handle your case properly. It is our job to make sure our clients’ rights remain protected.

At Fernandez Law Group, our Tampa attorneys have a lot of trial experience and are able to work effectively with prosecutors and judges to provide you the best defense possible.

Call us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation.



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