Tampa Legal News and Information: August 2015

The Fernandez Law Group: Monthly Newsletter – August 2015



Fernandez Law Group
Tampa Legal News and Information – August 2015:
The Fernandez Law Group is now offering a monthly newsletter that will help keep you up to date on the Latest Legal News, Tips to Stay Safe, Product Recalls, Firm Updates, Humorous Laws and other general information that we feel will be useful and beneficial to our clients and subscribers.

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Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys:
Fernandez Law Group understands the difficulty one suffers when faced with a personal injury or the loss of a loved one.

We pay extra attention to these types of cases, and when our law firm represents you, multiple attorneys work together on your case to get you the results you deserve.

There are no costs or fees unless we obtain a settlement for you.

Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today or learn more here: http://thefernandezlawgroup.com/personal-injury-attorney.html

Our Tampa Attorneys are ready to provide you with a detailed consultation for FREE!
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Award Winning Tampa Attorneys

Award Winning Tampa Attorneys


Our firm has received the Client Distinction Award for Quality of Service, Responsiveness and Communication Ability for the last 3 consecutive years! Our attorneys are proud members of the Florida Justice Association and have been serving the local Tampa Community for over 40 years!


View more of our Awards and Recognitions

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney:


Fernandez Law Group and our Tampa Family Law Attorneys can assist you with your family law needs, including matters of paternity, pre-nuptial agreements, and alimony.

While the situation can be very stressful for one to go through, the right attorney will make the process go a lot smoother for you.


Learn more about our Tampa Family Law Services

Foreclosure Defense:



Due to the economic turmoil this country is facing at this time, foreclosure and the inability to pay ones mortgage has become a reality to even the most financially responsible individuals and families. Most Floridians have been affected by a poor job market, loss of employment, loss of income and savings, and have investments that have not generated any kind of revenue.

The Fernandez Law Group works with homeowners who are seeking help and advice to allow them to stay in their homes, avoid foreclosure, and limit their liability exposure. We work hand in hand with homeowners facing tough decisions in order to help make the right choices needed which in turn allows for a secure financial future.


Learn more about our Tampa Florida Foreclosure Defense Services

Tampa DUI & Traffic Violation Defense:


DUI AttorneyWe have put together a basic list of tips and suggestions so that you can improve or strengthen your DUI defense here in Tampa.


There are many more different types of potential defenses that can be used for any DUI matter. We will help identify all of the available options and strategies to determine what the best defense is for your particular case.


Learn more about How to Strengthen your DUI Defense in Tampa

Tampa Florida Criminal Defense:

Don’t Talk Too Much!

A lot of people think that it is ok to talk when they are being questioned by the police because they did not do anything wrong.

This sounds like a good plan in theory, but unfortunately it does not always work out that way.

The reason that a good lawyer does not want you to talk to the authorities is that everything that you say is officially on record and it can be used against you. The problem is that you do not always know how what you say could be used against you.

learn more >

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