The Fernandez Law Group: Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

The Fernandez Law Group: Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

Fernandez Law Group
Did you know you may be able to get your criminal record sealed or expunged?
Delete!Florida law provides an option for qualifying individuals to have certain criminal arrest records sealed or expunged.

The Florida Statutes regarding a sealing or expungement are very complex making the process quite complicated at times. Many people have difficulty understanding what types of records can be sealed or expunged, and whether or not they qualify. Hiring a criminal defense attorney that specializes in these matters will help you achieve this goal quickly and effectively.

Built off of our many years of experience and success in helping Florida residents get their records sealed or expunged, we have developed a streamlined program to help you through the entire process. We will complete all of the necessary paperwork, file the required petitions and appear in court on your behalf as needed. We understand what your rights are under Florida law and will aggressively represent your best interests at all times.

Find out if you qualify to have your record sealed or expunged with a FREE Consultation TODAY!

How to Strengthen your DUI Case in Tampa:
Here at Fernandez Law Group, we offer services to assist everybody in the full spectrum of their DUI defense, whether someone is charged with State or Federal crimes.

We have put together a basic list of tips and suggestions so that you can improve or strengthen your DUI defense here in Tampa. There are many more different types of potential defenses that can be used for any DUI matter. We will help identify all of the available options and strategies to determine what the best defense is for your particular case.

Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today, learn more here: or download our PDF guide!

Our Tampa Attorneys are ready to provide you with a detailed consultation for FREE!
Get Help Now!

Award Winning Tampa Attorneys

Award Winning Tampa Attorneys

Our firm has received the Client Distinction Award for Quality of Service, Responsiveness and Communication Ability for the last 3 consecutive years! Our attorneys are proud members of the Florida Justice Association and have been serving the local Tampa Community for over 40 years!

View more of our Awards and Recognitions

Child Protecting the rights of Children of Divorce:

With issues such as visitation, custody and child support being at the forefront of family law, choosing the right attorney can help ensure the needs of your children are being met.

A family law attorney can resolve these issues while coming up with a solution that benefits all of the parties involved, especially children.

Learn more about how we protect the rights of children during a divorce.

HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) extended through 2015:

Originally set to expire in December 2013, the HAMP program has been extended. Homeowners can still use HAMP to modify their loan terms to make payments more affordable now and up through December of 2015.

Call us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

Learn more about our Tampa Florida Foreclosure Defense Services

5 Reasons why you need a Personal Injury Attorney:

Personal Injury1. Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interests at Heart

2. Statute of Limitations

3. Filing Your Personal Injury Claim Entails Compliance With Strict Rules

4. Damages Due to Your Injuries May Be More Extensive Than You Think

5. Proving Your Case Can Be Complicated

Learn more about why you need a personal injury attorney if you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligence of another person.

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