The Fernandez Law Group: Monthly Newsletter – April 6, 2016

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Photo showing DUI checkpoint aheadReasons why you should plead Not Guilty in a DUI case:

There are a multitude of factors, whether known at the time or not, that will come into play when defending a DUI case.

It is very important for all defendants to remember that a DUI case is something that can be won! 

Although the majority of people may have a difficult time understanding this concept, the truth of the matter is that many defendants will think that they have to plead guilty because they felt they may have been in the wrong. Our expert advise or opinion to anyone facing a DUI charge would be:

Do not plead guilty, or admit guilt, even if you think you’re guilty.

There are plenty of reasons why that advice should strongly be considered, but to put it in simple terms, a DUI case isn’t won or lost based on the actions of the defendant alone. In many situations, the actions or inactions of how the police or sheriff performed their stop become big factors in these types of cases more often than one might expect.

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